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Service & Repairs

We service and repair most frozen drink and ice cream machines. We have been servicing and repairing frozen drink and ice cream machines for 35 years. Let us bring your broken machine back to life and save you from having to purchase a new machine.  Learn more.

Here is a list of the Manufacturers we currently service:
  • Frosty Factory 
  • Bunn 
  • Coldelite 
  • Spaceman 
  • Taylor 
  • Elmeco
  • Crathco/Grindmaster
  • Carpigiani/Stoelting
  • Faby/Cab
  • Emory Thompson
  • Electrofreeze
  • Ugolini

The Servicing Process:

1) Initial Diagnosis

It is vital that we diagnose any issues with your machine, and most importantly determine whether it is cost-effective to repair it before we start working on it. If It is not, we will inform you and the service will only be the initial $125.00 diagnostic fee. 

2) Clean And Cleanse

Your machine will go through an intense cleaning inside and out. We will make sure all vital connections are free from any previous syrup leaks, and that any dust is blown out and grease is removed. We will straighten out any bent fins to the condenser. 

3) Repairs

At this stage, we will repair any issues with your machine: this may include the replacement of some parts or adding freon if it is low. We will contact you to confirm any parts that require replacement before we proceed unless you have pre-authorized specific items.

4) Reassembly

We will now put your machine back together exactly how it would have been done at the factory.

5) Testing

We will now go through a 24-hour testing and running of your machine with the product in it to ensure all issues have been resolved. 

6) Final Cleaning

We will take your machine and do a final clean to make sure any product we used during the testing has been removed. We will then wrap your machine and arrange  to get it back to you.  Cost: Full machine service minus any parts or freon $150.00 + Tax 

If your machine is not working then it is not making you any money!  

  • Replace selenoids 
  • Replace gear motors 
  • Replace broken bowls 
  • Replace broken spirals or augers 
  • Repair damaged frames 
  • Replace faulty switches and relays 
  • Rewiring when needed 
  • Repair Remote Condensing Units
  • Charge the system with the appropriate freon 
  • Repair syrup leaks 
  • Replace “O” rings and seals 
  • Replace bearings 
  • Replace belts 
  • Repair freon leaks
  • Repair Chiller Towers

Got questions or want to inquire about renting or purchasing a machine? Reach out and we’ll take care of you! Contact us for questions or consultations or click the button below to get a quote.